Simpsons x Vans

If you saw my previous post, you know it was a stressful time for our family in August as Mavis had dental surgery to remove several damaged baby teeth, among other things that were going on. I wanted to treat Mavis and myself to something fun post-surgery, and it just so happened that a Vans collection of Simpsons merch was launched on August 8th. I grew up watching the Simpsons and still love the show, so I splurged on a few things.

As a reward for Mavis I got her a few pairs of toddler shoes including purple Lisa for President high tops, baby blue Maggie slide ons and some plush Blinky slide ons. The Blinkies are an enormous size 9 because that was all that was left a few hours after the start of the launch, but I couldn’t not get them because they were just so cute. All three of these toddler styles are now sold out, so I will shadow box the Blinkies to keep as a collectable or until Mavis finally grows into them (she’s still a size 5!)

I treated myself to a pair of the Bouvier sisters shoes, they have Marge, Patty and Selma on them, with their legs on the inside. Patty and Selma’s legs have fluffy little leg hairs, which was the deciding factor for me haha. They are so cute!

Check out the collection here!

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