A Driveway Gate

I haven’t been posting much about the property this year, but that’s not because things aren’t happening. Actually, we’ve done more this year than in years previous, but it feels inappropriate to share about the gains we’ve made when so many people are facing job losses and eviction due to the pandemic. We’ve been very fortunate to have maintained our jobs during the outbreak, and have been able to take advantage of mortgage deferrals through the bank so we could focus our attention on making some much awaited improvements to the house. We are feeling very lucky.

One project that has been completed in the last few weeks is a cedar fence at the front of the house, including a gate for the driveway. Ozzy has been ill the last few months and is losing the strength in his back legs so getting up and down the stairs to go into the fenced backyard has been really hard on him. We prioritized a secure front yard so he (and also Mavis!) can go out the front door and be safe from the road. It also provides more privacy from the street which I have always wanted.

All that’s left is to stain the rest of the fence and dump new gravel on the driveway to clean it all up. Pretty happy with how this turned out! I’ve got a few more cool projects to share, stay tuned.


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