Matching Balconies

In May of this year we finally bit the bullet and replaced the rotten deck off the dining area with a beautiful wood balcony that turned out so, so good. We loved it so much that it made the balcony on the other side look like a real piece of crap so we decided to replace that one as well to have a matching pair. We waited patiently all summer for our friend to be available to build the other side and at last in September it happened!

We replaced everything and aligned it with the deck on the other side. We are super excited to have a secure space off the bedroom and playroom that Mavis can use without fear of the railing falling apart. To take the old balcony down we basically just pushed the railing over, it was that spongy and soft. All the new wood is pressure treated and sealed so it should last a good long time. The previous balconies didn’t seem to have been cared for at all prior to us buying (and also by us, until now) so this is a huge improvement. We also love the chunkier posts and railing with black aluminum spindles. It really warms up the facade of the house.

Definitely thrilled we can finally mark these big ticket items off the to-do list. They have really improved the feel of the space overall, plus given us outdoor spaces we can use as a family.


  1. They are gorgeous, I love, love wood and the beauty of nature beneath my feet, what a great gift to yourselves and your daughter, enjoy.

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