The Week in Books #45

I spent the last week reading the final book on my previous stack, Black Leopard Red Wolf, and now it’s a wrap and I can get started on my next stack. It’s an ambitious one with some titles I’ve been putting off for a while because long books totally intimidate me, but also some new ones I’ve been really looking forward to like Transcendent Kingdom (which I started today) and The Vanishing Half. Here we go!

1. Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James. Wowwww this took me like 2 weeks to get through but I really, really enjoyed it. It is an epic fantasy adventure with tons of creative and memorable characters, fantastic world building and plenty of imaginative and disturbing creatures. Also lots of big time action and violence. I saw it described somewhere as an African Game of Thrones and that is a great summarization. It’s up there with Lord of the Rings for me as well in terms of readability and epic adventure. There was so much cool stuff going on, I don’t even know how to adequately review it. I just really loved it and can’t wait for the next in the series; Moon Witch, Night Devil.

Just one small stack of new-to-me books this week, and lots of books I snagged from Giro for some pocket change during their books-by-donation sale to fill the shelves of my LFL. So excited to stockpile goodies to leave out there! The shelves are currently full, and folks have been taking and leaving books the last few days which makes me very happy. Here’s a box of novels I have stashed to fill it up as needed:

Until next week!

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