Autumn Mushrooms

I’ve had time to go on a grand total of like 4 walks this entire year, ugh, but fall is my favourite season for exploring what grows in the woods so 3/4 of those walks have been in the last month. I’ve spied a few different types of mushroom and/or fungus growing in the trails, including some small lobsters. I haven’t identified them, just took some pictures. Here they are. I love seeing all the different shapes and colours.

This mushroom looks like a Russula Brevipes that has been lobsterfied by parasites (ascomycete fungus). The red colour is where it gets the name as it resembles the shell of a cooked lobster. They are edible but the very few I have found always seem to have been nibbled by something else first or otherwise are such a small quantity that I’ve never tried to consume them. Apparently they are a delicacy though. One day, if I’m lucky!


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