Folklife Magazine: Tarot for Self Care

Here’s something really cool; I wrote an article on using tarot for self care and it has been published! The second issue of Gulf Island lifestyle magazine Folklife is out now and it features my article alongside lots of other amazing local artists and creators.

This was a fun project; Alina approached me about writing something months ago and helped to guide me through the process of writing and editing a piece for the magazine. I give a little background on how I came to find tarot cards as a tools for self care and healing, and give some tips on how to get started if you’re new to the idea. Some of my photography (featuring local friend Sandra!) and photos of myself from Nomad by NK have been included as well.

You can (and definitely should!) get a copy of the magazine from the Folklife website, get one before it sells out – the first issue is all gone already. This is a really beautiful print magazine put together by an awesome team of creative folks and friends. The layout is designed by our friend Patrick and is super clean and easy on the eyes. Alina has put together something really cool here.

My decks have also been included in the Products We Love page alongside some other beautiful local creations including my friend Danielle’s tarot deck, The Moonchild Tarot. Woo!


  1. Amazing! It’s so cool to see writers getting published in print in a world that’s all digital now. I used to write for magazines but most have since ported over to the digital medium, and seeing this gives me a huge rush of nostalgia. Awesome work and thanks for sharing!

  2. I love love love this publication! Having a graphic design background I appreciate the wonderful paper choice, the incredible quality of the photos and the articles are very engaging. A great concept, impeccably done – congrats all around! And congrats Taylor for your very interesting article and showcasing your beautiful and meaningful Tarot Cards!

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