Gabriola’s Little Free Libraries

A short while ago Justin built a little free library and installed it outside our fence at the corner of Garland and Lackehaven to share books with the neighbourhood. There are actually a few different little libraries around the island, lots of readers here on the Isle of the Arts!

Corner of Garland and Lackehaven

This post is a round up of the ones I have discovered so far (there may be more! Please share in the comments if you know of any I’ve missed!) Get out there and find these tiny libraries and swap some books, it’s the perfect socially distanced activity for fall quarantining 📚

Outside Hole in the Wall (under the Skol) next to the ferry terminal (October 2021 it has been removed due to vandalism)
Berry Point Road just past The Surf
Wild Cherry Terrace
Corner of Barrett and Broadview
On The Strand
Coast Road on the way to Page’s Resort & Marina
Coho Drive
Harrison Way (upper)
El Verano by the boat launch
Marvin Rd
Hemlock Ave
Silva Bay Road
Thompson Road

Any others out there I haven’t discovered yet? Please share!


  1. […] And three titles I picked up from little free libraries on Gabriola this week: War on Peace by Ronan Farrow, Behave by Andromeda Romano-Lax, and The Singer’s Gun by Emily St. John Mandel. Side note on the LFL situation on Gabe; I’ve found a few more and added them to my post from last year check it out here! […]

  2. Wow it is fabulous that people are sharing their “reads”! I have found two little free libraries in our neighbourhood in Nanaimo! and don’t forget the one on Decourcy by the parking lot at Pirate’s Bay! this one
    was a source of good reads while spending time at the cottage on Decourcy! Always a treat to see what was there.Both of these won’t help readers on Gabriola – hahaha but just in case you’re on the move!

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