IPSY: October Glam Bag

October 2020 IPSY Glam Bag

I’m getting back on the make up train after a bit of a hiatus over the last few years. I had previously subscribed to the Petit Vour monthly box, a cruelty free and high quality make up and personal care products box, that I found really enjoyable though the cost started to add up. I’d still really recommend it if you’re interested in exploring new vegan makeup brands, but I thought I’d give another brand a try.

This year, with the pandemic ongoing, it feels like like a good time to focus back on self care and treat myself a little so I’ve signed up for a monthly subscription glam bag from IPSY. It’s a little cheaper and includes 5 items plus a zippered makeup bag each month, though not all are cruelty free.

Here’s the cost breakdown for Canadians:

IPSY: $12 + $2.95 shipping = $14.95 USD ($19.50 CAD) for 5 sample size products plus makeup bag.

PETIT VOUR: $23 USD ($30.00 CAD) for 4 cruelty free sample size products.

Included in October’s bag

I received my first glam bag in October and was fairly pleased with the items. Unfortunately one of the products sent, the Tarte tinted moisturizer, was in a shade that doesn’t work for me, but they acknowledged the error right away and gave me points to exchange for a free product so I’m happy with the outcome. IPSY gives you the option to add on additional items each month ($3 each) and I added a sample in the correct shade so I could still try it. It’s Tarte (a cruelty free brand) so of course it’s fabulous.

I love the bag design for this month! everything else in the bag was also nice, especially the Benefit brow volumizer, it’s like a mascara for eyebrow hairs. I recently had mine microbladed so the gel made them feel extra fancy. More on the microblading later 🖤

I earn points for signing up friends, if you are interested this is my custom link!

So far so good, it seems like a good value for money, even if it is about double the cost of a glam bag in the USA. Less than $20 a month for a little makeup bag of goodies delivered to my door is a nice treat for this tired mama 🖤 Love yourself, right?

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