IPSY: November Glam Bag

November’s Glam Bag

I got my glam bag for November! Shipping to Canada seems to be pretty painfully slow and it takes a couple weeks longer to arrive in my location. It’s a nice mail day when it finally arrives, though! This month’s bag is a tricolour faux leather number, not the cutest in my opinion (October is hard to top) but the products are nice. Included this month: an eyeliner, a cream eyeshadow, highlighter compact, cleanser, and lipstick. Most of the items are products I would actually use, the cleanser being the only thing I’m not as interested in but maybe I should take the hint and wash my face.

I’m digging the Anastasia lipstick (my choice product for the month) and also the highlighter compact. I haven’t tried the cleanser yet, or the eyeshadow, but I really like the shade. The eyeliner has a built in sharpener and smudge tip which is neat and makes it more interesting than just a pencil.

I tried to purchase add on products for this glam bag but both the app and the website were super glitchy and I couldn’t actually complete the order which was mildly annoying. I also exchanged points for extra products that I thought would be included in this bag but looking again I think I just missed the cut off, so they will be in December’s bag. Getting adjusted to IPSY has been a bit of a learning curve; as a Canadian I can subscribe to the basic glam bag and take advantage of the add-ons, but am not able to order the larger glam bags OR shop from the store which is pretty disappointing. IPSY send a lot of emails with great makeup offers in them but I can’t purchase any! Perhaps it is for the best, it’s like I’m being forced to NOT spend extra money, hah. It would be great if one day the shop was open to Canadians, I’m actually not sure why it isn’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The app is pretty easy to use and it’s fairly straightforward to see the preview at the start of the month, then select the one product I want included, theeennnn pick any add ons I might want to purchase. Tracking number is provided and once I have received the bag I can review the products to earn points to then spend on more items. Not a bad system!

Have you tried IPSY?

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