Bathroom Transformation

This post has been a long time coming! Way back in the spring I posted about starting our bathroom reno but after the pandemic continued over the course of the year I held off posting final photos because it seemed trivial when more important things were going on. We are really pleased with the work we did in here though. There are still a few small things left to do (install trim around the tub, finish the closet and tidy up the ceiling) but for the most part things are done. Here are some photos.

The bathroom was two different shades of orange and had a brown swirly toilet when we bought the house and frankly I’m almost certain that was what scared off other potential buyers. We painted it immediately which was an improvement but upgrading the outdated fixtures was something that really needed doing. This room is the biggest bathroom I’ve ever had by far, and after the upgrades it feels even bigger and way fancier.

We replaced the old plastic laminate vanity with a clean white unit with stone top and double sinks (there is definitely space for it so a single basin seemed silly) from Home Depot, got new mirrors from Ikea, and a second hand light fixture for $4. Justin removed the linoleum flooring and tiled with a matte black penny round. We replaced the old beige electric baseboard heater with a more efficient white model, and made use of an extra one-piece dual flush toilet my Dad purchased (we did this a while back, the brown one had to go right away). We found a shower head/valve set at the local hardware store on clearance for $40, which was an absolute steal, and replaced the shallow tub with a much deeper model with a sloped back so it was actually comfortable to sit in, then added a glass shower screen (also Home Depot). Justin installed white ceramic wall tile throughout including two recessed niches in the shower that repurposed the 4” stone backsplash that came with the vanity and we didn’t use. We also added a recessed cabinet from Ikea to store extra soaps and shampoos out of sight, and a little plant shelf above reusing some boards from an old cabinet we had to add some green.

We had an issue with the bathtub not being entirely straight after it was plumbed in, but will install a stone trim around the edges to conceal the small gap we were left with. Overall things turned out really nicely and it has been great to have a clean, safe bathroom for Mavis to enjoy as she has begun to really love bath time. The old tub was super dingy and had sharp edges where the plastic was removed from the walls ages ago that was no good for a kid that wants to touch absolutely everything. Glad to see it go! The glass shower screen has also been a fun place for her to stick her foam letters and practice reading. Win win!

This was a huge undertaking for us that was long overdue, and we are thrilled to have a bathroom we can be proud to show off. I’m very happy to be rid of all the ugly old fixtures and have something that feels more in line with my aesthetic, and is much easier to keep clean. Justin did an amazing job with all the tiling!! Still kind of can’t believe this is in our house, haha.


  1. What a beautiful transformation, I cannot believe how big Mavis is, I remember when you posted her newborn images! Enjoy your magnificent work, you should be proud of doing such a great job. Congratulations!

  2. An incredible difference! Now it is like a little space of tranquility – well except when wee Mavis is splashing about!

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