Microblading Eyebrows

Post second session 💁🏻‍♀️

This year has been a year for self reflection and improvement if there ever was one. I have never had the strongest eyebrows and it has always been something that has really bothered me. A friend recently referred to eyebrows as “the hello of the face” and they are not wrong! They make a big difference. Over the last few months of stay at home orders I’ve been putting some time and effort into things that make me happy, and as vain as it sounds, eyebrows was definitely on the list and I wanted to share.

Healed brows!

I’ve been drawing my eyebrows on since I was 15 and started wanting to tattoo them when I was about 20, but waited patiently for someone to come along that I felt would do them properly. Obviously it’s my face and it’s permanent so I didn’t want to rush into something I wasn’t 100% confident about, and as it turns out waiting was a good idea because microblade technology has really evolved since sixteen years ago, haha.

Before and after first session

There are a few artists around the Vancouver area that are doing good work, but the majority of them are charging an arm and a leg for a set of brows and there always seemed to be some bill or another that popped up and needed paying first so it hadn’t been possible to splurge on cosmetic tattooing. I’ve been diligently setting aside money all this year, though, and one of the things I’ve treated myself to is eyebrows from the very lovely Shannon at SMA Beauty Bar in Victoria.

Picking colours and numbing the area 💁🏻‍♀️
First session complete 🙇🏻‍♀️

A friend of mine was also interested in visiting Shannon way back at the start of the year, and so we drove down together and she got a bunch of freckles tattooed over her nose and cheeks that turned out reeeeally cute. While I was at the appointment with her I had a consult for brows and booked an appointment for when Shannon would be guesting at a shop in Nanaimo in March. The pandemic happened so we postponed the appointment for August, then in August I learned I was pregnant and had to cancel again (no tattoos for pregnant folks!) Ultimately I lost the pregnancy, which was sad, but then realized I could rebook the appointment as a gift to cheer myself up. Brows were back on!

This sounds dumb, but I didn’t realize that microblading isn’t done with a tattoo machine, it’s literally a micro blade that just slices them in one stroke at a time. Ok, “slice” sounds extreme, but with the numbing cream applied to the area first it just felt like she was scratching my eyebrow hairs. Overall it was a pretty quick procedure that was totally painless and super pleasant because Shannon was great to chat with.

Before and after second session (fresh)

The healing process is super easy, the tattooed area dries out like a regular tattoo and flakes off. At first the pigment is very light and looks as if it has fallen out, but over the next few weeks it darkens up and you are left with the final result. The first session lays the groundwork and the second session fills out any spots that got missed and gives you the option to go even bigger and darker if you want.

I’m super happy with how they turned out! It has been great to wake up with brows that don’t need to be drawn on 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a surprisingly huge improvement to your self confidence. I’d definitely recommend Shannon if you are on Vancouver Island and thinking about cosmetic tattooing.

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