Earlobe Reconstruction

A few posts back I shared my microblading experience, and now I bring you reconstructed earlobes. I know, eyebrows and earlobes, who cares? Haha. These are just two little things I did for myself this year that I have wanted to do for a long time.

I began stretching my ears when I was about 15 (22 years ago! Ack) and at their largest I got them up to 3/4”. I took them out and let them shrink back down a few times over the years only to stretch them back up, but the last time I removed the jewelry I decided I was really, finally, done. So what was I left with? Bum holes on the sides of my head 😂


I was actually surprised by how much they did shrink down, but at the same time disappointed by how large the holes remained and how much larger they made my ears look in general. I may be the only person who notices my earlobes but it bothered me enough that I started dreaming of having “normal” lobes again. I have seen a few friends get theirs stitched and I loved the results so I saved my pennies and finally did it myself.

A couple things about the process surprised me; for starters, it was way pricier than I thought it would be, the cost being driven by all the other folks who now want to disappear their stretchy lobes as well (but how will people know we listened to hardcore in the early 2000’s?) and twice as much as a friend paid a few years ago for his. I researched a few different places and ended up seeing a plastic surgeon in Nanaimo who was the closest and also the least expensive.

The other surprising thing was how quick it was! The procedure itself was about 45 minutes and was completely painless. The local anesthetic was injected and took effect immediately. There was some quick snipping with scissors (which felt very strange) and then the stitches were done and it was all over! They didn’t require bandages and the aftercare was super simple, just put polysporin on a couple times a day and keep them clean. 6 days later I went back and got my stitches removed and they were essentially healed! No part of the process was painful or uncomfortable which was of course excellent. Much easier than getting a tattoo, haha.

I’m really happy I was able to do this for myself and am thrilled with how they turned out!


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