2020 in Review

WELL, 2020 happened. In the grand scheme of things it was obviously an awful year filled with traumatizing news and events including the Australian and California wildfires, the pandemic, stay-at-home orders, social distancing, white supremacy surging, the Black Lives Matter movement, massive worldwide protests, the historic American election and so much more. Truly an overwhelming year for the entire world. There were many things I missed this year from travelling to socializing, but for the most part our area of the world has been holding steady. Vancouver Island is the least affected health region in our province and COVID numbers have remained low for the duration of the pandemic, largely in part because the population here has been wearing masks and adhering to Bonnie Henry’s orders.

We have been fortunate given that we both kept our jobs, Justin being an essential worker for the ferries and me already working from home. With increased demand for online shopping and self care products my tarot creations have remained popular and I’m very grateful to have been able to grow my business during this turbulent time and actually come out slightly ahead this year. We have much to be thankful for. Our family, friends and community remain healthy and safe.

It was a slow year for the blog as life obviously changed a lot. If I learned anything from my time off following my work burnout in 2017 it was that you can’t always control what happens to you but you can always work with what you have. Forced downtime doesn’t have to be a jail sentence, it can be a time to focus on inner reflection and personal growth, and that’s what I tried to do this year. It has been hard on my mental health to be away from my friends and some friendships have bit the dust due to different handlings of the required pandemic protocols, but c’est la vie. I worked on my boundaries this year and said no to things I wasn’t comfortable with, and I’m proud of myself for that. I learned a lot about myself. I am heading into 2021 a stronger person.

Here is a quick look back on what we accomplished this year, we did achieve quite a lot given the restrictions and looking back on it collected like this is a reminder that life doesn’t stop when you are staying home. Life is what you make of it. It was a hard year for my mental health but I still enjoyed myself.

Home Improvements

We got a new custom locally crafted dining table (Post here)

We replaced our balconies (Dining side and bedroom side)

We completely redid our main bathroom

We fenced the front yard and installed a driveway gate

We installed a Little Free Library (Post here)

I got a lot of new plants 🌱 (more on that to come)

Fox on an Island (Business Stuff)

I reprinted my newly revamped tarot deck The Fox Tarot TWICE (Post here)

I also reprinted my self care deck The Fox Universe TWICE

I was published in an issue of Folklife Magazine (my origin story, if you will)

I cracked 10,000 followers on my IG (currently at 10.2k)

I added over 60 new shops to my list of stockists in Canada, the USA, Singapore, and China

I shipped orders to Canada, the USA, Australia, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, Spain, Mexico and more

Self Care

I microbladed my eyebrows (Post here)

I had my earlobes reconstructed (Post here)

I added five tattoos to my left leg (I’ll share about these pieces soon)

I read 85 books totalling 27,549 pages (Post here)

I stopped buying from Amazon

I learned to make fabric masks

I treated myself to an IPSY subscription

I invested in my wardrobe by shopping with Canadian retailer Frank and Oak


I became pregnant and experienced a miscarriage (but didn’t blog about it)

Mavis had dental surgery to repair damaged teeth (Post here)

I weaned Mavis (99% of the way)

Completed another 365 days of my photo project for Mavis

We rehomed Pilot, Suzie, Tonks and Lupin, and Nibbler with families that had more time and attention to give them. Pilot and Suzie were both very unhappy with the addition of Mavis to the family and it was in their best interest to go to a family that had no children that could make them a priority. This was sad for us but also simplified the household to a level that was much easier for us to manage on a day to day basis. We now have one cat (Hans), one dog (Ozzy), and one pair of bunnies (Leela and Fry).

It was a weird one for sure but we survived! 2021 is underway and we are looking forward to tackling it as a team. We have some new projects already underway including the installation of a new wood stove, removing the dying trees in the lower yard, repositioning the tarot trailer and building a roof structure to protect it, finding a camper to fit on Justin’s new truck and hopefully getting out more. Fingers crossed for the vaccine and a reduction in case numbers very soon.

I hope everyone else is still hanging on and looking to brighter days! And maybe even another roaring 20’s!

Happy new year!


  1. Congratulations, you did really well despite the mental and emotional hardships you faced. I believe we’ve been given an opportunity to do things better and differently and learn to find the best in ourselves so that we can give back for all of the blessings we enjoy. Happy 2021, you’re off to a great start.😊

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