Reinstalling a Woodstove

Way back in 2017 we removed the woodstove in our basement because it was not to code and we couldn’t get it certified for our home insurance. We felt uncomfortable using it because it wasn’t safe, but discovered after removing it and installing a heat pump that we suddenly had no source of heat when the power went out. Not a huge deal most of the time, but a very big deal when the power goes out for longer than a few hours, like it did when the barge tore out hydro wires to the island a few years ago and again when we had that huge windstorm in 2018.

The cost of installing a new stove was much, much more than we anticipated it would be (and our attempt to shortcut this by buying a second hand stove for install went nowhere when the installer refused to put in a stove that wasn’t new) so it was delayed for a few years. FINALLY now we have had one put back in!

We decided to put the new stove in the living room rather than the basement because that made a whole lot more sense to us as this is the room we actually spend time in. When removing the old piping that ran through the floor from downstairs we discovered how close we were to a fire caused by the uncertified stove… the flooring that was installed around the pipe was super scorched from the heat. No wonder these types of exposed pipes are no longer allowed.

We covered over the hole in the floor and Justin built us a nice platform with non combustible material as per the requirements and we were ready for the stove. In the meantime Mavis enjoyed the platform as her own personal living room stage.

The stove is a current unit that can be 6” from drywall on the back and sides so we didn’t need to tile the walls as well as the platform, saving us some time and money. The stove is now in place and we have all brand new and to code piping up through the attic space and to a new chimney on the roof. Very exciting!!

It looks great and we are looking forward to lighting our first fire. Though hopefully the power doesn’t go out for a while anytime soon haha.

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