Things I Love: Baba Tree Baskets

I recently discovered Baba Tree Baskets and I wanted to share how stunning they are. A friend had some at her place and was using them to store toys for her daughter, which I thought was a really attractive idea. I also see people with them at the farmers market all the time (filled with fresh bread and veggies!) and they look so beautiful. I had admired them from afar for a while and finally decided to get one for myself.

They are hand woven in Ghana and you can buy them through their website, but lucky for me they also have a huge selection of them here on Gabriola at Wild Rose garden centre. I picked an extra large one with two handles and a colour scheme of black, brown and pink. The quality is soooo good and the designs you can choose from are pretty infinite and all so gorgeous. The website is also really nicely put together, I especially love the photos of the weavers posing with their creations.

I’ve filled mine with Mavis’ toys and she has so far enjoyed pulling the basket out when she wants to play. It’s so pretty, I really love it. I was actually so happy with it that I went right back out and bought one for my mom for her birthday haha. I’ll probably get more for the house at some point too, they are hard to resist.


  1. I just love the Babatree basket you gave me! Rugs and baskets both have the touch of creative hands that really appeal to me. Colour, texture, and shape all rolled into one beautiful piece of art. I too will likely buy another – but how to choose?!

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