The Couch Project

Things have been fairly quiet around here, with restrictions still in place barring us from visiting each other’s homes or attending any social functions (including outdoors) I have spent essentially every day at home with Mavis. I’ve been reading lots, playing with Mavis, getting little jobs done around the house, packing orders and occasionally working on some new computer work, but for the most part not much is going on and it would be nice to have a project. Enter this 1970’s sectional sofa.

It’s been a while since I stopped bringing home old furniture that needs recovering because I never seemed to actually get to the recovering part. Fabric is expensive and there was always something else going on that kept me from getting the project done. Well, now I have nothing but time and would love to have a project that can keep me busy and feeling productive.

I scored this curved three piece 70’s couch off the garage sale board for $150 and it fits our living room beautifully. It is of course hideous at the moment, but has great bones and is really sturdy. In my mind the 70’s wasn’t really vintage enough but it was over 50 years ago now so I think it counts in the same way the 50’s and 60’s were vintage in the 90’s and early 2000s. The shape feels very retro but classic and it’s very comfortable to sit on, especially in the centre.

I’ve started by ordering chrome legs to replace the 15 (!) wooden feet and will then carefully take the measurements to calculate how much fabric I need to recover it. I’m looking forward to getting into something that allows me to be creative in the real world (not just creating computer art) and I think it’s going to look really cool when it’s done.

More to come!


  1. What a great piece of furniture, your energy to the project will be fun and well worth it when you’re done. Looking forward to seeing the progress as you move through your project.

  2. all right then! good project – and I think you are right it has good bones. Have fun bringing this beauty up to date!

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