Upgrading Baseboard Heaters

The time has finally come for us to upgrade our baseboard heaters. We have mostly switched over to a heat pump to warm our house for the last few years, but still have electric baseboard heaters in many rooms of the house where the heat pump doesn’t reach. The pump heats the upstairs well because it is largely open plan except when we close the doors to the bedroom and bathroom, then the warm air obviously doesn’t reach.

An old photo of the gross heaters

With the exception of our totally redone bathroom, all these baseboard heaters are the clunky original units that were installed when we bought the house, and probably from when it was built in the 70’s. They have sharp corners, are really huge and ugly, are difficult to clean, and not really efficient compared to the new units available. I’m not sure what took so long, but we finally bought all new units and got rid of the old ones.

We swapped them for Dimplex units from Home Depot that are 42% smaller (!!) and also more efficient. They are also white, not brown, and don’t have any sharp corners that will hurt Mavis, are quicker to heat up and also more modern looking. In these photos you can see how much smaller the new units are. What a difference!

We’ve also upgraded a few of our thermostats to a digital design that is easier to control and looks more modern. These photos show the progression of our thermostats from the originals that came with the house to now. Slowly making our way into the future, haha.

I’m not sure yet how these upgrades will translate into savings on our energy bill, but I’ll keep an eye on it using the BC Hydro website which shows account holders detailed graphs of their usage. It feels nice to modernize the house a bit and improve our efficiency at the same time.

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