New Lights and Doors

I just posted about upgrading all of our baseboard heaters, finally, and we have done a few other little upgrades recently as well that I wanted to share including new light fixtures and closet doors.

The original entryway

The wall sconces we had were from my Dad’s property on Gabriola before he moved, and a significant improvement over the old fixtures that were here when we bought the house (seen above). The major drawback of an open topped sconce is that it collects bugs! Big time! I never took the time to clean our fixtures (who has time for that) so it was pretty grim when we took them down hahaha.

Bugs in the previous sconces

The new fixtures are a complete globe of glass on a matte black metal base so no bugs will get trapped inside. I picked up three from Wayfair and replaced the two in this hallway and also the one on the stairs. I love the more modern feel of these lights and also the amount of light they throw.

We finally removed the wood closet doors in favour of clean white with a solid face as the slats collect a ton of dust and are a pain to clean (notice how all these upgrades are making things easier to clean? There’s a theme here) We posted the bifolds on the community garage sale board and found a buyer right away. I planned to buy new bifolds from Home Depot to replace them but after the buyer picked them up they listed THEIR bifolds and they happened to be white and the same size as ours so we ended up doing a swap, funnily enough. We picked them up and, even though they were the exact same measurements as the ones we removed, couldn’t for the life of us get them installed. They just wouldn’t fit for some reason. I got so annoyed with the struggle that I caved and ordered a pair of white and frosted glass sliding doors for the entry closet instead. I then used one of the bifolds to replace the cleaning closet door.

We moved this cool old mirrored dresser from Mavis’s room up temporarily to replace the chunky mirror we took down in the entryway so we could have a place to store hats and bags etc and have a landing spot for keys and whatever when we come in the door because we didn’t have that before (the old baseboard heater was so large we couldn’t place a piece of furniture here without having a large gap between it and the wall). I prefer the look of the blank wall but functionally the dresser is super helpful so we will see what we decide to do here later.

We also finally updated the doorbell unit as the old one was yellowed and gross. No one really rings our doorbell so it was mostly for aesthetic reasons and a new one is just $25 so why not go for it. Slowly removing every trace of the old and upgrading it with new and clean is very satisfying.

Up next is ditching the gross textured yellow window and upgrading the front door to something more modern and secure. Making progress!


  1. Ha, ha. That’s funny. We just replaced all the interior doors here as well. White solid core slab doors. Something in the air.

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  2. Making big changes!! all the white (who doesn’t like white?!) makes everything brighter – you both have made HUGE improvements to the house – bravo!!

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