Couch Project Stage Two

The couch project has moved into phase two: fabric is ordered, new feet are ordered and old feet removed. I’m determined not to lose steam on this couch reupholstery project, like so many recovering projects before haha.

I was unsure about where to source the fabric after a trip to Fabricland in Nanaimo revealed they had absolutely nothing of interest. I started thinking I’d like a nice velvet in maybe a dark blue or green, and had looked at buying some velvet drapes from IKEA and using them to cover the couch, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it money wise, I also didn’t know exactly how much fabric I needed.

I then googled velvet fabric and discovered and this super dreamy foresty green heavyweight velvet for just $6.78 USD per yard. At that price I was able to order way too much just to be sure I’d have enough.

So far the cost has been:

$125 for the sofa

$103 for 16 new Chrome feet from IKEA

$295 for 24 yards of velvet upholstery fabric from

Total: $523. Not bad for an enormous vintage sectional!

It’s sooo pretty!

The fabric is here, so now starts the hard part of actually recovering the sofa… haha. Here we go!

Chrome legs from IKEA… times 15!

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