Couch Project Stage Three

The couch project is progressing. Now that it is sunny and nice outside I’ve got one piece of the sectional on the balcony and I’ve been chipping away at it. So far I have removed the back panel of fabric along with all staples and upholstery tacks, I then unstuck the fabric trim around the base which freed up the seat and couch back pieces of fabric for removal.

Tools I’m using: a mask to protect me from dust particles (omg so dusty and dirty), a bowl to hold removed staples and tacks, a screwdriver to pry old staples out, pliers to pull stuck staples and nails out, grease pens to mark up the new pieces of fabric, lightweight staple gun, and loads of long staples. Plus scissors to trim fabric and a sweated knife to cut the foam. Pretty simple.

Pulling back the fabric has revealed a messy batting underneath that I will have to remove and replace to clean up properly (my allergies will thank me later). I’ve ordered some batting for $40 that I will add to my total expenses for the project. Also I found $2 inside the couch so I’ll put that towards the balance haha. So all fabric has been removed from this first piece and it has been vacuumed and had all loose batting removed along with the gross foam pad.

I put word out I was looking for some foam to redo the cushions of the couch and got a few pieces for free from the community that will work well. This blue piece is from a twin mattress that I was able to separate and cut to shape using a serrated knife. I ripped it but it shouldn’t be an issue once the fabric is in place.

I made a trip to VV and managed to find three pieces of a natural coloured muslin for $20 that would be perfect to hold the foam and batting in place on the couch and clean everything up.

I stapled the fabric over the blue foam on the seat and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s much more comfortable and also passed the toddler test of jumping and flopping with no tears. Mavis also said it was much more comfortable. Win!

I ended up getting another large piece of foam from someone on island so I was able to cut a new piece for the back of this section of couch and it is sooo comfortable. I’ve stapled it in place with a piece of muslin and now this section is ready for fabric! Now to get the other two pieces to this stage.


  1. Wow that is an incredible project, and very budget conscious! well done – nice to see it has the Mavis seal of approval! 🙂

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