Couch Project Stage Four

The couch project is zooming along! I’ve completed all the removal of the old fabric and padding, replaced it with foam I found for free within the community, and covered them with a base fabric to hold everything in place and keep it tidy (all thrifted, some I already had in my fabric stash).

The curved piece was a little challenging, it is deceptively the largest of the three pieces (the back at least) and also the most complex. When I opened it up I found a tag stapled to the inside that read “Springing March 8, 1957” which was a pretty cool discovery as it makes the couch about 20 years older than I thought and a mid-century modern piece, an era for furniture I have always really loved.

I also found some cute little faces hiding inside the sofa that haven’t been seen in 64 years!

I’ve created a lot of waste with this project which is a bit of a bummer, but seriously look how gross all these innards are. They had to go! I’m pleased I at least was able to reuse three different foam mattress pads for the cushions so they can have a new use rather than sitting in a basement or going to the landfill. I also didn’t have to purchase new and expensive foam or have any large boxes shipped to me (apart from the roll of fabric) so I saved a bit on my carbon footprint there.

Gross old innards

It’s definitely mason bee season here, and while taking apart the couch pieces numerous bees thought the screw holes would make good nests and they kept flying in and out while I was working on it. Eventually I plugged them with tissues (making sure they were empty first) and told the bees to look elsewhere for a new home. It happened so quick though, half an hour of being on the deck and word was out that a new bee hotel had opened.

Here’s the repurposed foam on the curved piece. It took a couple tries to cut the foam in the right shape so it was big enough. The trick I learned is to always cut larger than you need and trim it down, because if it’s too short to start with it’s no good.

Cat approves of the new foam.
Two of the three pieces re-foamed

The final piece of couch had an arm bolted to the side that I removed to take the fabric off properly. I was worried this would be a really complicated area to recover but being able to take the armrest off and do it separately will make it a lot easier.

Here is the final piece stripped back to the burlap and then recovered with new/old foam and covered with the base fabric (arm still unattached).

Here she is, all ready to be recovered with new fabric!! Phew! I’m really excited to see how it turns out.


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