Free Range Bunnies

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about my bunnies 🐰 They are still hopping! I made an effort last year to reduce the number of rabbits I had because I just wasn’t able to make the time to care for them properly as I had been doing pre-baby, and it really wasn’t fair on them. Tonks and Lupin went to live with a good friend (and I see them frequently) and Nibbler moved to a new rabbit-savvy home to become a house bunny following treatment at the vet for sludge in her bladder.

I took her to the vet with an inflamed looking bottom and gave her a round of antibiotics, but the inflammation got worse and she began leaking urine on her legs. I took her back to the vet and she was sedated and cleaned up, and it was determined she had a build up of sludge in her bladder and was struggling to pass it. I got her another round of antibiotics as well as painkillers but felt she needed more attention to ensure she recovered properly so followed up on an offer from someone in the community who already has one house bunny to take her. She has since made a full recovery and is enjoying getting more attention and having a new friend.

So I still have the original two angora rabbits I adopted, Fry and Leela. I reintroduced them as they had been living separately and they were very happy to see each other again. Because I just have one bonded pair now I allowed them more garden time, which eventually turned into full time free-ranging as it was clear they were not interested in leaving the property. I leave the door of their house open and they can come and go, spending most of their time in the yard and going home to eat kibbles or hide from the rain.

A funny thing happened when they started free-ranging full time… the wild bunny that has been living in the neighbourhood for the last few years has discovered the presence of other bunnies and now comes into the yard to play with them. It’s pretty cute, even though I was trying to have fewer bunnies haha.

Visit from Felix

I named the wild bun Felix Felicis (the lucky potion from Harry Potter) because I wasn’t sure of the gender and it’s also a pretty lucky bunny to have survived on its own for so long (apparently Felix had been hanging out with the chickens and alpacas up the road a lot and only came down to visit us once in a while). Now that I have seen Felix interacting with my bunnies I’m pretty sure she is female. Good thing my male is neutered.


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