Couch: The Final Phase (Part 1)

The couch! I’ve made a bit of progress this week thanks to a couple days of child care 🥰 I’ve managed to get one section of the sofa completely recovered, and it looks real good! I picked the most complicated piece to start with so, in theory, it will all be easier from here on out. The piece with the arm is the smallest of the three but the arm attachment was pretty fiddly to recover and reattach to the frame, but I did it and I’m super happy with the results.

There was very little sewing to be done, thankfully, just the side panels needed stitching and the rest was stapled or tacked. Here is the first piece I covered (the back) with two short seams where the side panels attached to the large piece of fabric that covered the back and attached inside the sofa.

Where the seat and back cushion fabric attaches inside the frame.

Once I had the back piece covered I moved on to the seat and made similar seams where the side panels attached to the seat fabric. The arm then needed a bit of sewing around the side panel which was the most complicated piece, but I only had to redo it once so I think it went fairly well. I padded it with some quilt batting held in place with staples. There was also a funny little panel that was nailed onto the front that I pried off and recovered before screwing it back on from the inside.

One area I had to redo a couple times was the front edge of the trim around the base of the sofa. Initially I just stapled the piece of fabric on and folded it down but the edge was pretty wobbly where the fabric was pulled by the staples (first picture in the block of 4 above). I wasn’t happy with how it turned out, and remembered later that the upholstery I removed had a cardboard strip in place to keep the edge of the fabric really crisp where it folded over. I used my mat cutter to trim a bunch of scrap cardboard into strips that I then stapled into place so when I folded the fabric down the edge was really nice and uniform. I was also able to measure from the cardboard to the bottom of the frame so it’s exactly the same all the way around. Smart! You can see how much better the edge looks in the last photo above. I also used cardboard for the edge at the top of the back panel.

The back panel

The bottom of the couch looks so clean and tidy!! I’m really glad the insides were all in such good condition. Some of the springs had popped out of their fittings in the seat back but I was able to put them back before closing it up. Anywhere I couldn’t attached the fabric with hidden staples I used black upholstery tacks and I like how it turned out. I then added a line of them across the trim to make it extra secure and also look a little fancier. I attached the new legs last and then I was done. Here she is!!


  1. This is a really ambitious project – and wow it is turning out great! Are you gonna put it upstairs in the living room?

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