RIP Ozzy

Yesterday we said goodbye to our dog Ozzy. We adopted him from a dog rescue in Smithers, BC in 2014 and have enjoyed having him as a member of our family for the nearly 6 years since. We estimated he was between 12 – 14 years old (his adoption documents weren’t super clear about his age at the time of adoption but it was around 6 – 8 years old).

The first photo I took of Ozzy. We were waiting for the ferry back to Nanaimo after picking him up in Vancouver.

When Ozzy came to us he was very nervous and spent a lot of time hiding which lead to to believe he lived in an abusive situation before he was surrendered to the rescue. He also wasn’t housetrained, and anytime we left the house we would come back to a pee on the kitchen floor. We worked slowly to build trust with him and eventually he stopped hiding and also became very good at asking to go out to use the bathroom. He hadn’t had an accident in the house for years. He enjoyed going to walks and car rides and quickly became very protective of me when we were out together.

Over the last 12 months Ozzy began to lose strength in his back legs, eventually losing the ability to walk almost completely. He spent months laying in his bed all day long and needed to be carried outside to go to the bathroom. These last few weeks he began to have accidents in the house again because he couldn’t get up to ask to be let out when he had to go. We recognized that he wasn’t enjoying himself as much as he once had as he could no longer go on walks or play in the yard. It was really hard for us to decide it was time, but we knew because there was no chance for improvement we needed to make the call and let him go gently.

We were able to sit with him on the lawn of the vets office here on Gabriola where the vet gave him an injection that made him fall asleep with his head in my lap. Once he was snoring away he was given a second injection to put him to sleep permanently. It was very peaceful which is the best outcome one can hope for when it comes time to say goodbye to a pet. Of course I am devastated, I loved him a lot. Rest In Peace little buddy.

Here is a collection of photos from Ozzy’s time with us. I hope he enjoyed the years we gave him.

Goodbye Ozzy 🖤

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