Thrifting: Vintage Polly Pockets

Over the weekend there was a giant outdoor charity fundraiser garage sale on Gabriola that people have been donating to for weeks. We went by on Saturday to check it out, along with what looked like half the population of the island as the GIRO restore has been closed all month and not much else is going on. Also Gabriolans love a good garage sale. I picked up a couple of books and a little ceramic dog that looked like Ozzy, but the big score were these three vintage Polly Pocket toys.

They are from 1989, 1992, and 1994 and actually included the people!! I have never found a Polly Pocket in all my years of thrifting, and I feel like even if I did finding one that included the little people would be even rarer because small components tend to get lost. So to find three for just $2 each felt like a big gift. In total there are eight people, one stroller, one boat, and one carriage. There is a large heart-shaped castle compact, a heart-shaped daycare compact and a square jungle-themed compact.

Mavis absolutely LOVES them. Big score!

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