Gaining an Ocean View

An interesting thing happened last month; the property at the end of Shaw road (between us and the waterfront) started to cut down trees. At first all we noticed was the sound of trees being cut and hitting the ground, but as the cutting went on and on we noticed we could actually see where the trees were being felled from our balcony.

It turns out the property is clearing a huge area of land to use for cow pasture and they are clear cutting a massive piece of forest. Looking at it up close is a bit brutal, but from our balcony we have actually gained a larger ocean view. We can see all of Ruxton island and a good chunk of water now. Silver linings!

The view before the cutting began
Progress shots from the balcony

The view has also improved from the living room, where we can see up the Pylades Channel and can catch snippets of the beaches of Valdes island.

We aren’t sure if more trees will be coming down but I can’t imagine there are many left. We are pretty stoked to have a better view from the house, the photos don’t do it justice! It’s beautiful.

Gabriola is in the top left corner. Ruxton isn’t labelled but sits below De Courcy island

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