Bedroom Number Three

We loooove our house. A lot. Maybe an unhealthy amount. But we have discovered a flaw that has become a bit of a big deal; the two bedrooms are on different floors. We originally thought this was great because our daughter could be downstairs, away from our bedroom and have her own bathroom. And it will be great… when she is older. For now we are trying to get her to sleep in her own room instead of sharing ours but her room is just too far away for it to be comfortable for any of us.

We tried to think of a way to add a second bedroom upstairs but there was no way to make it work without having to build a huge and expensive addition, which was out of the question. Instead we took a look downstairs where we do have extra space and decided to move our bedroom down there to be closer to Mavis’ room until she is comfortable sleeping there by herself.

Drywall partially up

To create a third bedroom downstairs only requires us to build a closet and add a door. It’s kind of silly we didn’t think of it sooner!

Getting closer
Sanded and primed!

Justin finished painting the walls and installed all the flooring, a solid red oak hardwood that looks very similar to what we have upstairs and we got for a pretty wicked price of $3.79 SF. He also installed all the baseboards and door trims that have been unfinished for yeeeeears, it feels so nice down here now and not at all like a basement anymore.

Final items to finish at this point include replacing the ceiling lights in the bedroom and hallway, finishing touches on baseboards, installation of the closet hardware for our room and Mavis’s room, and hanging the sliding doors.

We are so happy with this transformation, it feels so warm and comfortable and much much cleaner now that we’ve sealed all the little nooks and crannies that let in dirt and bugs. The bedroom is considerably larger than the room upstairs and opens right into the garden which is an added bonus!

The original basement!
And now!! So different!

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