Heat Wave

Flying at Twin Beaches

BC is having a crazy heat wave right now and it is seriously hot outside – record breaking hot. We are fortunate enough to have a heat pump that also functions as an air conditioner so our house is cool, except for the sun/toy room which is so hot we can’t even walk on the tile floor. We are also grateful for having just moved our bedroom downstairs where it is significantly cooler (old bedroom was 30.6C yesterday and downstairs it was 24C).

We have been taking advantage of the many beaches here to enjoy some time in the water to cool down. I’ve taken some photos of Mavis enjoying the beach that I’ve compiled here. The first photo is of her catching air just before sunset in the water at Twin Beaches with Justin.

Ice cream in a swimsuit at 10am? Sure, why not.
Floating at Turtle Rock

Hope everyone is staying cool!!


  1. The water looks nice and refreshing. I get confused between Fahrenheit and Celsius and have to use the translator. It started getting hot here in the midwest then we got LOTS of rain AGAIN. The cooler temps were nice but I think that will all change in a few days. My AC needs recharged, but I did fine last year with just the ceiling fans and it seems to be fine for now. I don’t have the funds to get it recharged, and my son is here AGAIN and he would have the AC on using more electricity. SO, I have no plans to recharge it…

  2. I heard it was hot 🔥 where you are. Certainly looks fun at the beach. Mavis is having a great time at the beach. It’s cold here in Albury NSW Australia. We can see the snow on the mountains at the ski fields from our backyard. We are quite high up. I think it’s about an hour away from us.

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