Mavis’ Bedroom Makeover

We have been focusing on the downstairs over the last few months, and that has included sprucing up the bedroom that will become Mavis’ space. Justin gave the whole thing a fresh coat of paint, new solid hardwood flooring, new baseboards and a cool sliding door. We also kitted it out with a bunk bed with a new Endy twin mattress (and a second hand IKEA mattress on the top), new and adorable bedding, and some kitty cat curtains to finish it off. It was a bit of a task but Mavis loves having her own space!

First we cleared the room, which meant selling the Queen storage bed I bought when I lived in Gastown and emptying everything else out, including the plastic laminate flooring we put in a few years ago, the Venetian blinds that are impossible to keep clean, and all the spiders that had moved in (sorry spideys!)

When Justin was painting the room white Mavis asked what he was doing and when he told her she said she didn’t want white, she wanted PINK. We’ve been diligently painting every wall in the house a crisp white but wanted her to feel comfortable in her space so we took her to the paint store and she picked out a nice shade of pink all by herself (Paradise Pink) and Justin painted one wall for her.

The solid hardwood was installed in this room first and we really love how much warmer it makes the space! It’s a much higher quality than the laminate (obviously, though believe it or not we paid the same price for the hardwood as the laminate) and also matches the upstairs better.

The hardwood continues down the hallway with all new baseboards, a new ceiling light and fresh paint so it feels a LOT less basement-y. We added a rug and Justin installed a sliding door on barn door hardware so she can have privacy but not lock us out.

The final piece to complete in here is installing a hang rod in the closet and moving all her clothes in there. For now they are hung on the end of the bunk bed, who knew she had so many dresses!!

New sliding door from the inside.

I found these IKEA cat curtains at VV a few months back and finally hemmed and hung them in her window. When she saw them she was like “WHHHOAAAA!” and was super excited.

This room is seriously cool; it’s spacious and quiet and you can even see the ocean from the top bunk. What more could a three year old want?

Mavis’ animal picture collection

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