Monstera Monday

A few months ago I had a thrips infestation on my giant monstera plant that I couldn’t keep under control, ultimately leading me to take drastic action… I chopped my plant back to the base and separated the salvageable leaves into jars of water to propagate them into new plants. Today I have an update; it worked!

I was so sad to hack my beautiful plant down to its base but the leaves were infested and nothing seemed to be getting rid of the thrips. It was looking really sad and scraggly so I felt I had to do something to save it from further damage. Above you can see photos of the stems that were left in the pot (ugh!) and some of the new leaves that sprouted shortly after. It’s been a few months and now the plant looks like the bottom two photos! I added a few of the propagated leaves to the empty spots in the pot with the original plant so it would get thicker and bushier, and so far so good.

Ready to be replanted

You can see the progress on the propagated sections of plant here. I wasn’t sure if this would work but only one or two of the sections of stem died and the rest grew lots and lots of roots. The first two photos below are when they started rooting, and the bottom two are what they look like now.

They are ready to go into some fresh soil! I’ve successfully salvaged my one large monstera and split it into multiple smaller ones. Woo hoo!

I also have one other monstera plant that I bought from a friend that initially came in a large water vessel and I transferred into a pot of soil. It took some time to get going but it finally seems happy with the switch and has sprouted some new enormous leaves! So beautiful! This one is much more mature than my other one which you can see in the leaves, the new growth has a second tier of cutouts whereas the other monstera has just the splits but not the smaller holes (called fenestration).

Photo of the monstera when I got it

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