Couch: The Final Phase (Part 2)

I took a bit of a hiatus from working on the couch but came back to it in the beginning of July when Mavis started at preschool on Tuesdays. I was so determined to see this project all the way through to the end! Also, as extra motivation, we sold our grey living room sofa so if we wanted to have a place to sit I was going to have to finish recovering it haha.

I finished the curved piece out in the carport and brought it inside with the first piece to form a partially completed sofa. I then left the third piece in the carport for a looong while before finally moving it inside and really pushing myself to get it done. I covered the seat and added the trim around the base, then added the legs. I then made sure all the pieces had upholstery tacks all the way around the edge of the trim so everything was secure and properly finished.

Just the back of the third piece left to go!

Now that the sofa is in the living room there are some puckers and pulls on the backs that are more prominent than they were in the dark carport (go figure) but they will likely not be too complicated to flatten out. There is also the issue of how to keep all the pieces together; our other sofa has bolts that go through the frame of the base to bolt both pieces together securely, but I was so careful adding the trim fabric and batting that I think it would be a shame to drill holes through it all now. Instead I’m going to try using some clamps underneath that won’t require putting holes in the sofa bases.

Reminder of the size of this project

Here’s the total cost breakdown:

Vintage Sofa: $125 (garage sale)

Chrome Feet: $103 (ikea)

Fabric: $295 (

Staples and gun: $40 (hardware store)

Upholstery tacks: $40 (Amazon)

Batting: $40 (Amazon)

Cardboard Strips: $0 (my recycling bin)

Foam: $0 (donated by community members)

Fabric to cover the foam beneath the velvet: $20 (thrifted muslin plus some scrap fabric I already had in my stash)

Dump fees for waste: $20 (to dispose of old fabric and batting that was removed)

-$2 I found in the couch when I took it apart

= $661 total spent

I have now finally finished the last piece of the sofa and the project is complete! I’m a little surprised I made it all the way to the end, and also that I don’t hate it hahaha. The third piece turned out the nicest and I may go back and tighten some of the fabric on the first two pieces but for now I’m just going to enjoy it!

Here are some details, I’m especially pleased with the back of the curved piece, it looks so great.



  1. congrats on finishing the very big and very interesting project! It looks great – you never cease to amaze me with your talents!

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