Vintage Pachinko Machine

Once in a while something super cool pops up on the garage sale board and you can’t not buy it… which is how I ended up with a 1970’s Pachinko machine from Japan. It was a reasonable $85 and has all the working parts! Pachinko machines are neat because they don’t require electricity to work, they are essentially a huge mechanical game. There is a spot for a battery in the back that will power the lights but it’s not needed to play.

I’ve fallen down a YouTube hole of Pachinko machine repair videos and have figured out how to take the machine apart for cleaning, and also ensured all components are working. It’s in great shape! I also learned how to play, it’s pretty simple and kind of like an upright version of a pinball machine.

To make the machine functional I have to fill it with metal pachinko balls as it only came with about 25 and it seems to need more to be able to play properly. I ordered 500 from Japan and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Here are some detail shots of the machine:

Mavis enjoyed playing it the day I brought it home, you only have to pull the handle to launch the balls into the play space and she thought it was really fun. I’m looking forward to giving it a clean, a new battery, and a load of balls so we can play it properly! Now, where to put it…

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