Harvesting: Plums

It just doesn’t feel like summer until we have bowls and bowls of fresh plums from our trees. The smell of plums transports me right into a summer mood! It has been sooo hot and sooo dry here (no measurable rain for more than 45 days at this point) that we weren’t even sure if the trees would fruit, they didn’t fruit last year after Justin pruned them right back the fall before. But behold, we have plums.

In the past we have made plum chutney, jam, pie filling, tarts, plum wine, and even sold them at the farmers market, but I’m not sure what to do with them this year. It might be nice to make some jam to keep on hand for PBJ sandwiches, but I’ll probably just eat as many fresh ones as I can stomach. What do you like to do when you have loads and loads of plums?

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