IPSY: July Glam Bag

Ipsy August Glam Bag! I’m a little late on this post, it arrived a couple weeks ago. This was a fairly good one, again because I was excited about the add ons: deodorants, earrings, and cute nail stickers!

The five items included in the bag this month are: ARACELI BEAUTY Eyeshadow Duo in Sun & Cocoa, HIPDOT Single Blush in Solstice, KVD VEGAN BEAUTY Mini Cake Pencil in Trooper Black, MISTIK Hydroserum, and a MOTD COSMETICS Lighting Crew brush. The eyeshadow palette is very similar to other colours I have received lately, but brown and gold work well with blue eyes so I can’t be mad about it. The blush is super cute and in a nice shade, but sadly it was ground into the carpet of the toy room almost immediately and I didn’t get to try it. Oh well! I love Kat Von D products so the eyeliner is a win, and the brush is also great to add to the brush jar. I’ve tried the hydroserum a couple times but haven’t noticed much of a difference in my hair. Regardless it is always nice to try out new products, which is why I have continued with the IPSY subscription all this time.

Add ons this month are: DECO MIAMI Retrograde Nail Stickers, BAUBLEBAR Delicate Trio Huggie Set, and CLEO+COCO Grapefruit Bergamot and Lavender Vanilla Deodorant Bundle. The nail stickers are really cute and Mavis and I have enjoyed putting them on our nails already. I like the designs as they include eyes, hands, constellations and other shapes that are right up my alley. The earring set looks cute and I have 6 lobe piercings left so it’s the perfect number, though the quality is just so-so. One of them came unclicked, fell out and was lost almost right away and another tarnished really badly so I tossed it out (luckily the two casualties were one pair). The two pairs I have left are secure and so far untarnished. I struggle with earrings because I don’t want to spend a lot but at the same time want them to be good quality because I basically leave them in 24/7. I should probably bite the bullet and invest in 6 really nice gold hoops.

The best item this month is definitely the duo of deodorants! They are full sized, nicely packaged and smell really great. They are also really practical so it didn’t feel like a frivolous purchase. They are aluminum free and non-toxic, and also totally cruelty free which I love the most.

Overall not too shabby, though it looks like the August Glam Bag has some more interesting items in it. The bag design is a gold bag with sun charm on the zipper, not my favourite of the bag designs but functional none-the-less. I have amassed a pretty decent pile of bags by now, it’s almost been one year of IPSY bags!

If you’d like to try IPSY use my share code so I get bonus points! Click right here 🙂

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