The Illustrated Fox Tarot Kickstarter

The Fox Illustrated Tarot is my new deck, which you probably know already if you are following my Instagram or have joined my email list. I have received a lot of positive feedback on the project and have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign! The page is available RIGHT HERE and is pre-launch stage. It will be available September 1st, and you can sign up for a notification of when it goes live at the link above.

Difference between artwork for the Pips Edition of the deck and the new Illustrated version

Want to know more about the project? I have added a page for The Illustrated Fox Tarot to my website; Check it out here. I have completed the designs of the full Minor Arcana (40/40) as well as 8/16 Court Cards. At this pace it should be easily achievable to complete the deck and send it for print before the end of the year if the full funding level is reached. Estimated shipping date is June 2022 (but hopefully sooner!)

Campaign launches in less than one week on September 1st, 2021 with a goal of $8,500.00. This amount will cover the printing and shipping of all decks, the manufacture of enamel pins, journals, candles, and cloths for the various reward levels, and a wee bit for the payment of the programs I use to create my art (which I pay for every month).

Here are some of the new designs:

The Kickstarter page is available RIGHT HERE and I’d really appreciate the support in getting this project to print! Thanks so much!


  1. Looking forward to participating in the Kickstarter campaign! These illustrations are beautifully executed!

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