RIP Leela

This one hurts. Last weekend I said goodbye to my bunny friend of nearly eight years, Leela. I got her as a teeny tiny baby when I went to pick up Fry and she has always been the most gentle and sweet creature.

Leela has been living in the yard with Fry and was having lots of fun enjoying her freedom to roam and unlimited grass. I gave her a full groom and haircut on Sunday and she looked great. Then 6 days later I went to check on the bunnies and found her laying on the front step of her house with a major wound on her side that had become infested with flies. I thought she was dead but then she turned her head and looked at me. It was really shocking. I immediately took her to the emergency vet in Nanaimo (our vet is closed on the weekends) but the wound was too far gone for her to recover without major surgery and there wasn’t a guarantee the surgical intervention would be successful. I made the difficult decision to end her suffering and have her gently euthanized. It was all very fast and it felt surreal to be saying goodbye to my friend so abruptly, but it was for the best. I didn’t want her to suffer any more than she already had.

These are the last two photos I took of her, one post rinse in the tub in an attempt to clean her wound and fur, and another of her tucked into a basket and on the way to the animal hospital.

My only remaining pet now is Fry, and I have moved him into the house where he will be safe from injury. I’ll never know what happened to Leela (was it a bite? A puncture from a branch? I have no idea what happened) but I can give Fry my full attention now. Mavis loves him and he is so gentle and sweet.

I’ll miss you Lady Leela! Rest well.

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