Claw Foot Bathtub

We have been thinking about installing a bathtub outside the bedroom door downstairs and now is the time to go for it as Justin is nearly done the nursery downstairs and the best way to get hot water outside is through the ceiling of that room. Holes have been cut in the ceiling for the pipes and once they are installed the ceiling can be finished and the room finalized. Because we will have a new baby in about three months we have decided to go for it and hook up the tub now.

I’ve kept my eye open for a nice claw foot tub for a while now, and most seem to be going for about $500-$600 depending on how much they have been restored. Over the weekend I managed to find one on marketplace for just $300. Justin drove to Port Alberni to pick it up and we are both pretty stoked about how good it looks!

It needs a really good clean on the inside and a buff and paint on the outside, but the tub itself is in good shape and included the taps which saved us $90 in materials. So we got the tub for a bargain price and it also included some of the bits we would have had to buy putting us way ahead.

I had also found a nice tub in Victoria that was already restored but didn’t include the taps, was $250 more, and a longer distance away. I’m feeling pretty lucky we scored the one we did for like half the price, taps included, and at a closer location and I think it will be pretty easy to make it look like the other tub.

Justin started by removing the cast iron feet and buffing the rust off to get them ready for painting. I love how cute they are, claw feet with actual claws on them. I picked up a can of gold spray paint and voila!

More on the tub progress soon!

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