Claw Foot Bathtub Part 2

The claw foot bathtub has now had a full sand and paint and is looking quite fancy. The feet have all been cleaned, sanded and spray painted gold, and the underside of the tub is a fresh matte black. Justin and a friend were even able to carry it around the house to outside the back door where it will be hooked up.

Justin has already installed a wall outside the bedroom door, fitted it with remote control (and colour changing!) led lights and clad it with cedar boards. The plumber has come and hooked up pipes that run from the laundry room to the outside and are ready to be attached to the tub to give us hot water. The pipes will come out of the cedar wall to the tub, and a trench will be dug in the sliver of gravel between the wall and the concrete pad to set up a drainage pipe that leads into the garden. This is very exciting!

Since moving the bedroom downstairs we have had trouble with the sliding door to the garden. It’s old and the runners have been stiff for a while, but in trying to fix it the door ended up completely stuck. Justin looked for some replacement wheels but the ones available don’t seem to fit the door so in the end we decided to order a completely new one. Having the slider stuck in the open position right when it got cold and wet outside is no good!

New sliding door

It was nice to see the old door removed and the nice new one in position for install. It’s white vinyl with a screen and also opens on both sides which is a nice feature. Eventually we’d like to replace all the sliders (there are three more!) but one at a time. This is a good one to start with.

Can’t wait to have this area all set up!

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