Introducing: Deaner

It has been about six months since we made the difficult decision to put Ozzy down due to his declining health. While part of me was enjoying the reduction of responsibilities in the house, I really missed having a dog around and Mavis is still sad about the loss of her buddy Oz and asks about him all the time. I had been passively looking at rescue dogs online to see what was available out there, but was surprised to discover that competition for local rescue dogs is actually pretty stiff (especially for the smaller breeds) and also that many rescue agencies have a blanket rule that they won’t adopt dogs into homes with children under the age of 8. Who knew! I applied for a couple of very sweet looking dogs but was turned down for all of them because of Mavis.

We had decided to hold off on getting a new dog for awhile but then threw that decision out the window when I spied online that Ram, this little pug chihuahua cross (a “chug” which seems like a cute word but around here also has a history of being a racial slur towards First Nations folks so I won’t use it) was still looking for a home through Mexican rescue agency Bone Voyage. Justin said we should go get him and so I applied and we were easily approved.

The process was really streamlined, Ram was booked in a flight from Guadalajara to Seattle with a flight angel (someone travelling to Seattle who could take him as a piece of check on luggage) and then picked up by a volunteer and fostered for two nights before making the drive up to the Peace Arch border park in White Rock for the hand off. This park is actually pretty funny, it is on the Canadian/United States border between White Rock, BC and Blaine, Washington, but you don’t need to go through customs to hang out in there, making it possible for Canadians and Americans to socialize without having to cross the border (something that we haven’t been able to do for like a year and a half as the land border has been closed due to the pandemic).

Justin made the drive to the border and collected Ram with his paperwork, then took him through customs and paid duty to bring him into Canada. Easy peasy!

We have renamed him Deaner. He is 10 months old, neutered and up to date on all his shots, and has a surprisingly sweet temperament. He and Mavis are already getting along great and I think will make great friends. He’s already house trained and within two days had already started to learn how to sit on command. We will get him into some obedience classes soon but are already pretty impressed with how easy he is to live with. He loves to snuggle, is quiet and easy overnight, and hasn’t shown even the tiniest bit of aggression or even annoyance at anyone. Pretty different from our experience with Ozzy, who wasn’t housetrained when we got him and we also couldn’t actually take to social gatherings with us because of his habit of bolting if let off leash (or pulling out of his harness) and also biting people on their hands.

So welcome to your new home, Deaner! We now have one dog, one cat, and one rabbit. Considerably less pets than a few years ago! It is much more manageable and everyone can get a fair share of attention. Lookit that face…

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