New Nursery

If you haven’t been following along recently, we are having another baby! We are less than two weeks away from delivery so it was really time to finish off the new nursery, and we got it ready just in time.

We renovated the downstairs over this year to relocate our bedroom into a large master suite type of space and put a desk and guest bed in the bedroom upstairs. The great room downstairs was divided into two rooms and the staircase was enclosed to create a closet underneath and a long wall we could mount sliding doors on to close off the master suite and the walk in closet/ laundry room. The larger of the rooms with the glass sliding door to the garden became our bedroom and the smaller room between the bedroom and laundry became a little den space that we have now turned into a nursery.

Justin installed new solid hardwood flooring over the concrete pad and all new baseboards. Shortly after he began working in this room we discovered a problem… we had a leak that had completely soaked the wall beneath the heat pump unit outside. There is a drip of water coming off the unit that slowly soaked over the top of the concrete foundation wall (which steps down in this location because we are on a hill) and ruined all the drywall and insulation. Oof.

Water damage we discovered at the right time

We took advantage of the fact that we were renovating the room anyways to remove all wet materials, install a funnel and hose to catch the drip outside, and put in all new drywall and insulation. Thankfully it was a slow leak so it wasn’t a crazy amount of damage and once the drip was redirected into the garden the wall dried up quickly without mold.

The room was dry walled on three sides as well as the ceiling, mudded, sanded, primed and painted and it looks so fresh! A doorway was built at the entrance to the laundry room and under-stairs closet where we could put the third of the gorgeous sliding doors we scored from someone locally. I put a dresser under the steps with some storage bins behind it for extra clothes and other items.

The finished product is so adorable! Work continues on the laundry/walk in closet, but the nursery is pretty much done aside from some minor paint touch ups and missing baseboard. I am so happy with how it turned out! It is the perfect little room for Z and his clothes, crib and toys and so close to our bedroom that I’m hoping it will be a comfortable space for him.

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