Introducing: Danzig Jasper

Introducing Danzig Jasper! My due date isn’t until January 12th, but Ziggy came earthside on December 26th following a sort of sudden induction. As happened with my other pregnancy, I developed preeclampsia in the final weeks and was induced to get the baby out and return my body back to normal. I had been monitoring my blood pressure at home and noticed the numbers creeping higher on Christmas Day and was advised to go in to hospital for monitoring. There was a crazy amount of snow coming down and roads were super slippery but we made it in around 6:30pm. After some waiting around for the oncologist it was decided I would be induced that night, which was a little unexpected. My water broke at 10:30pm and Ziggy was born at 5:02am after an intense labour with little to no interventions (vaginal birth with no epidural, no pain meds, no tearing, no episiotomy, no forceps etc).

Ziggy was born two and a half weeks early (37+4) but already weighed more than Mavis did at birth (she was born at 38+1). I wonder how much he would have grown in those final weeks if he had stayed inside!

I will share my full birth story another time, things got a bit wacky and I was back in hospital New Years Eve for 2 nights to control my still spiking blood pressure, but all is back to normal now. Here are some photos from the first 10 days of Ziggy.


  1. Congratulations . He is beautiful. Love the pics of big sister holding him. Be gentle with yourself. Rest when you can.

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