Nanaimo’s Little Free Libraries (Part 1)

The blog has been quiet lately, with the exception of book reviews on Sundays, as I settle into a routine with my new baby (who is already 4 months old!) and also consider what I want the blog to be about going forward. Two things that I really enjoy are going on adventures and reading, so it makes sense that I fell into a bit of a little free library rabbit hole over here and thought I would share.

Earlier in the pandemic I explored all of Gabriola’s little free libraries and made an easy reference list for others to explore. I thought it would be fun to check out some of the LFLs in Nanaimo so I googled it and lo-and-behold, some lovely Reddit user made an extremely handy map of all the locations he found earlier in the pandemic (he used his bike to search all the streets in Nanaimo, that’s dedication!) Check out the Nanaimo map here!

I have an abundance of time now and am always looking for free activities so I put the kids in the car and we set off to hit them all. The first day we made it through 27 before we had had enough and headed home, so this is PART 1 of the Nanaimo little free libraries, more installations to come. Lots of cool designs to see and I collected a good number of nice books. I’ve posted these in the order we hit them if you want to follow the same route they flow fairly nicely.

152 Irwin
Princess and Needham
627 Old Victoria Rd
486 Seventh St
474 Eighth St
974 Buffer Rd
271 Pine Street
102 Pine Street
135 Machleary St
Bradley St and Millstone Ave
691 St Andrew’s
1420 Sunderland
45 Giggleswick Place
2173 Duggan Rd
51 Cilaire Dr
2576 Holyrood Dr
2554 Cosgrove
2558 Nadely Crescent
2743 Camcrest Dr
2646 Labieux Rd
3050 Crestwood Place
Greystone Place
3719 Departure Bay Rd
620 Beach Dr
400 Block Maple St
Belford and Willow Street
520 Poplar Street
The spoils!

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