pilotPilot – I’ve had Pilot since she was a kitten at just 8 weeks. I got her from a friend who was giving away kittens after her cat surprised her with a litter, and we’ve been best friends since. Her birthday is September 11, 2008. She is spayed but not tattooed or chipped. Up until this year she has been an indoor apartment cat, but she is now exploring the outdoors and loves it. Behind the name: At the time I brought Pilot home I was told she was a he so I gave her what I thought was a cute little “boy kitten” name. Turns out Pilot is a she but the name has stuck. Gendered names are silly anyways.

superhansSuper Hans – J is a real sucker for a sweet kitty face and brought this guy home December 2014 after he had been abandoned by his former owner and had been living in the wild on Gabriola for an undetermined amount of time. Cats Alive (the cat rescue society on the island) think he is about 6 years old, but we aren’t sure. he is also already neutered. Hans is extremely sweet, though fairly timid after basically being ditched by his family – they literally moved off the island and left him in the woods, who does that?? He had a broken tail, a scratch on his face and some ticks, but otherwise was in good shape. Dude is huge too, like twice the size of Pilot.