suzieBig Suze – This little devil joined our family October of 2013 when she was just 4 months old. We found her at the SPCA in Nanaimo, where she had been confiscated from a backyard breeder in the area who was evicted from his home. She was very, very shy at first, but has really come out of her shell with time and lots of patience. She is spayed and tattooed (with a number and a heart!) as part of her adoption from the SPCA. She doesn’t have papers, but is likely a pure-bred mini dachshund, all red in colour. She wants snuggles ALL THE TIME. She is good off leash and is friendly with strangers now – when we first got her she would cower anytime she saw someone walking near us and had a hard time being approached and petted. Rescue dogs can be a lot of work but it’s very worth it. Behind the name: Big Suze is the name of a character from the UK comedy Peepshow, which we just thought was funny given she is only like 6 inches off the ground.

ozzyOzzy – We wanted to get a friend for Suze to help her with her separation anxiety/boredom, so in December of 2015 we started searching for a small breed male to be her companion. We stumbled across this little cutie, a pug cross, through a rescue organization in Smithers, BC. We applied and were approved, and before we knew it Ozzy was in a car on his way down to Vancouver for us to pick up. It’s a little weird picking up a dog you haven’t met yet but have already made a commitment to… good thing we loved him right away! He’s very sweet but also pretty mischevious. He’s about 7 years old, neutered, and pretty sassy. He’s been tricky to train but we will continue to work with him . He and Suze got along great from the first meeting which was lucky!