Fry & Leela – These fluffy babies joined us in the beginning of April 2014 and started the madness. Fry was born around January, and Leela in March. I was specifically looking for angora bunnies so I could use their fibre for yarn spinning, but had a tough time finding any angoras that were adoptable in the area through the SPCA or small animal rescues. I had an icky feeling about buying a pair from a breeder, especially when I learned that angora breeders in Vancouver (there were only 1 or 2) charged $175 per rabbit. Breeding animals for profit really rubs me the wrong way. I lucked out though and found a lovely woman on Bainbridge Island, WA who keeps satin angora rabbits and rehomes them in exchange for a donation to support an orphanage in Arequipa, Peru (you can find it under “Casa Verde”, Arequipa, Peru). All donations made for the bunnies are matched by the family. I thought this was a good cause to contribute to, and the bunnies are sooo sweet. We toured her home and bunny hutches while we were there and they all looked very happy, which makes me happy! They have both been spayed and bonded to other partners.

Nibbler – Nibbler was found on PetFinder in May 2014. She was rescued by Vancouver Animal Control after being chased in the street by a cat, and was brought to their shelter. They are unsure of how old she is, but have determined she is an angora/dwarf mix. She is a tiny little thing, and she also (as you may have noticed) has no ears! No one knows what happened to them, but they appear to have been surgically removed. She still has her hearing and turns her ‘nubs’ as if the ears are still there, but in general doesn’t seem bothered by this. She was spayed before leaving the shelter and is now bonded to Fry.

Millie – This little cutie popped up on the Gabriola community page near Christmas 2014 looking for a new home because her current owner didn’t have enough time for her. She is a two year old Netherland Dwarf mix (not sure what else she is, lionhead maybe?) that until recently was a 4-H project. She’s been handled a lot so she’s fine being picked up and climbing all over you when you sit on the couch. She loves running around the house and eating fresh veggies, we hope we can make her happy in the years to come. It took some work, but she is now happily bonded with Momo. Update February 1, 2017: sweet little Millie left us following an injury to her back that left her paralyzed. Binky free, littlest one! RIP ❤️

Tonks & Lupin – two very fluffy angoras I found on Craigslist in May 2015. They were looking for a new home because their owner didn’t have time for them anymore. Angoras are a lot of work!! Tonks is a beautiful English angora with caramel fibre and tufts on her ears. Her fibre was very long when I picked her up, and she had eye crusties that were built up in her fur and irritating her skin. Lupin is a very friendly male with grey and white fibre that was in need of some serious grooming. He came to me with a lot of matted fur which I was able to trim off completely. After I had them spayed and neutered they were allowed to move in with each other and bonded fairly easily.

Moe (Momo) – This cutie came to us in June of 2015 via Vancouver’s Rabbit Rescue. He was picked up in Abbotsford and transferred to an SPCA shelter where he sat for such a long time he was on the verge of being euthanized. VRRA took him in and 2 days later he came home with me! He’s a very sweet neutered male lop who had developed a bad reputation as he can get greedy with head pets and food. The staff and volunteers at the SPCA claimed he was aggressive and they didn’t like dealing with him, but I honestly don’t know what they are talking about! Sometimes if he is particularly eager for some attention he will grunt and nip at my hand, but once I start rubbing his ears he just sits there happily chattering his teeth. It just goes to show how stressful shelter life is for animals, he was obviously not happy there. We are glad we can give him a happy home here. We even managed to bond him with Millie so he has a companion.

Zapp – We found ourselves getting back in contact with Erika from Washington when we had 3 pairs of bonded rabbits and a single and lonely Leela. Zapp and Leela have been introduced and took to each other instantly – this little muffin was the easiest bond ever! He has a very sweet and curious temperament, as most angoras do. He is a copper satin that was 3 months old when we got him in July 2015. His fibre has a great crimp to it and the colour is really nice! So happy to have such an adorable rabbit in the family. Update July, 2017: Zapp left us peacefully in his sleep for reasons I’m unclear on. It would appear his heart quit. Binky free, fluffy sweetheart. RIP ❤️

Check out my Animal Care page for videos and tips on rabbit bonding, and for images of their housing!

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